Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Game: Deal or No Deal

I needed a low cost gift for Honey Bunny on Valentine's Day. Not only is this gift fun, but the cost, ZERO! No gift I buy ever seems to impress him much so hopefully I can wow him with this!

So you've seen the game show "Deal or No Deal?" The basic concept and rules carry on to my Valentine's Day edition. I have 15 hearts taped on my canvas. On the back of each heart is a "prize." At the beginning of our game Honey Bunny will pick one heart and I will whisk it away to a sealed envelope. Just for fun, I will not look at it. That's also why the hearts are not numbered. I am going to mix them up then tape them on without looking.

From there, Honey Bunny will choose hearts one at a time revealing what he has lost. I, then cross them off the list. This list will be posted next to the game board for him to see from the beginning. I didn't include a picture because some of it is for mature audiences only. WINK

Ok now Honey Bunny might be getting nervous. He may end up with a back pat for a prize. Odds are looking against him... RING RING... Oh it's the banker calling tempting him with Mrs. Bunny taking out the trash for 2 weeks! Thank goodness there's no commercial breaks and Howie Mandel in my edition!

So you get the basic idea. A little creativity and you got Valentine's night at my house!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea and just created my gameboard and linked to you on my site. THANKS for the idea!!!