Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Ornaments to Funky Kissing Balls

I really love the look of crepe paper rose kissing balls. I thought I would give it a try. Most tutorials I've seen fasten the roses to a styrofoam ball. Instead of running to the store I shopped the Christmas ornaments. I took small round glass ball ornaments to stand in for the styrofoam ball. It worked just fine.
Originally, I was going to make a cluster of crepe paper kissing balls, but I was frustrated with variation of size and height of the roses. I knew I would go crazy making a herd of these.
Then I saw the Christmas stash! I was struck with inspiration. I opened the craft cabinet and started pulling out ribbon and glitter that looked Valentiney.
I glitterized a larger ball ornament. I wrapped ribbon around a cone shaped one. Did you notice the poofy one? It looks like a wadded up ball of curling ribbon - that's because it is! I just randomly glued on a round ornament then stuck and shaped the ribbon. I added some mini glitterized ornaments to the top.
I hung everything up with ribbon and tacks at varying height. The ornaments already had a hanger - so easy!
Its not perfect but is a great excuse for a smooch!
Check back this week, I'm working on a Deal or No Deal Valentines Day game to play after the kids are in bed. Oh and its a no cost gift that you both can share !

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