Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Grove, Hand Trees

The original inspiration came from At Second Street
I used scrapbook paper, canvas, and modge podge.

First, with some left over yellow paint I gave the canvas a nice coat of color.
Using my Cricut Plantin Schoolbook cartridge I cut oodles of leaves in different sizes, patterns, and variations of the leaf.
I couldn't fill a whole canvas with one kid so I decided to fit the whole family in!
I gathered all the family and drew an outline of their hand. I loosely placed each hand on the canvas to see where each tree would fit. With a pencil, I lightly sketched a "cloud" above each hand to guide my leaf placement.
I just went to town shaping my trees with podge coated leaves. I stuck the hand trunks of top and coated the whole thing with 5 coats of modge podge.
I did a Little Starry Night action with the modge podge in the background for texture and interest. (which couldn't be captured by my camera)
More of an afterthought, I added Our Grove in the corner with scraps.

Kaleen@ At Second Street gives a detailed tutorial with lots of photos.



  1. I'm so glad you shared this with me. You did a great job. It sounds like you like yours at much as we like ours.

  2. Wow what a neat piece. Very creative. I live in Kansas too. Brrrrr is it cold out there. Stay safe and warm.

    Glad you played along at Debbiedoo's

    Have a great day!

  3. I made the same thing and could not remember where I saw them. Yours are lovely!

  4. Rachel- it's not so much the cold as the wind! I heart Kansas though!

    Thank you. I would love to see yours!

  5. This is my all-time favorite piece of yours. I want to copy it!