Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glowing Window Treatment

 I am drawn to colored glass and pick up any I see at thrift stores and garage sales. Mostly my collection consist of green glass. Anyone seen Return to Oz?

My collection also usually rests in a box gathering dust. I came across said box and thought about how I've went with green hues in my kitchen. Perfect opportunity. A little love for St. Patrick's Day too!

After a good bath, the glass was ready to display. I also added my green dish soap, a thing that reminded me of a ferris wheel, and Glad Hand (  that's what the antique store called it) to the display. Plus my green egg cup with a real eggshell housing the spider plantlet rooting.

It's difficult to get decent shots- for me anyway! As the sun sets, the whole kitchen is bathed in a cheery green light. It's such a bright spot in a dimly lit kitchen.

The cast offs

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kid's Art Display

Since I have made Family HQ there is not anywhere, but the fridge to display the 100 pieces of art that come home from school each week. We have a small wall in the kitchen that wasn't getting much love- the perfect place for a larger scale display! I saw a clipboard art display idea at Lansdowne Life.

Poor wall
I bought 6 acrylic frames at Dollar General for $2.50 each. I could of waited to thrift regular clipboards for much less, but I was eager to get it done. As you will see acrylic frames caused some issues- thrift or buy the particle board ones to make it easier on yourself.

Clear, smoky and blue acrylic frames

Up until this point, I haven't done any decorating in the kitchen. I needed to settle on a basic color scheme. It has proved difficult because the entry, living room, hall, and the kitchen are all open to one another. For the living room area, I had relied on a craigslist dot "wall thingy." The living room is blue hues and accented with more colors from the "wall thingy." Yes, I'm going to keep calling it that. So, I pulled it out and went to matching up scrapbook paper. I've settled on green hues for the kitchen.

I did some measuring and cut a template. The 12X12 scrapbook paper wasn't big enough so it left a gap at the top. Since I bought all the clipboards in different colors, it didn't look cohesive. I took the scraps of paper and made little coordinating toppers for each clipboard. Much better!

I applied mod podge and it made a big wrinkly mess! As I tried to smooth it, I tore the paper and had to redo 3. I had emailed Erin at Lansdowne Life asking to link and told her my issues. She suggested going easy with the mod podge and drying throughly between applications. It worked! There were still some wrinkles, but I left them alone (as she also suggested) and they were not so bad after it dried. I blame the acrylic clipboards!

To finish the edges, I flipped them over and used a razor to cut off the excess. It gave them a nice finished look!

Holds extra large art well too!
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