Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's Make It Now: Diaper Box Storage

I have a plethora of diaper boxes. They so happen to fit on the top of my laundry room cabinets. The top of the cabinets have been a place to stuff things that have no home. And it's gotten UGLY.

I wanted to see what I could do with the boxes to gussy them up. I just grabbed what I had. Which just happened to be a skirt printed pattern, a stapler, some fabric glue, and some clearance Christmas ribbon.

I just present style wrapped the box and tucked the ends through the handle holes. Then slashed a big X for my opening. I stuffed the leftover X down and went to town with a stapler.

To finish it up, I added the ribbon to the top.

Looking back, this could of been done smarter and less messy. But Let's Make It Now is just that. Sometimes you just gotta do it right then, you know?

I did not put it in the laundry room because I want more to match- that will be a different post. It is still serving it's purpose as a clutter catcher!


  1. I saw this on another blog recently - I love the idea of using these boxes instead of throwing them away.

  2. I love reusing them too - any box really! This is in no way an orginal idea. I should of googled probably the hundreds of tutorials out there to do it more effectively. But darn it I had to make it right now!

  3. Good use of that box..!!! You seems to be creative...!!!