Monday, February 14, 2011

Bulletin Board & Switcharoo

I was eager to get started on my goals. My priority is the kiddos and that means my first project is a bulletin board. ? Well, see I had to fix up the bulletin board before I could implement my grand Family HQ plan. (look for it later this week)

Here's what we were working with or rather NOT:

The board is a mess of random things. Nothing functional happening AT ALL! Plus with the laundry/mudroom door open this is the view from the couch... much further away though.

The walls in the laundmudroom were painted this sunny yellow when we moved in. I like it, but the intensity can be a bit much sometimes. I want to do a white beadboard chair rail to increase durability and chill out the yellow. With that in mind, I painted the trim of the board plain white.

Once again, I did 5 coats of paint because I did not prime. I think I've learned my lesson because it's peeling off currently.

The frame is held together in the corners by heavy duty staples. I knew if I took it apart it would NEVER be the same and most likely fall apart later. I opted to paint my 5 layers of paint messy style right over the cork. After it dried I had to go around and break the super seal I put between the frame and the cork... living and learning, I suppose!

The material I'm using is a queen size bed sheet that was only used a month before we got a bigger bed. I love the colors and pattern. I thought the launmudroom's sunny yellow could handle the darker colors of the sheet. Plus, I've still got the coordinating flat sheet, pillowcases, and shams... I'm thinking curtains!

The frame situation made me take the tedious route of stuffing the sheet between the frame and the cork. THEN, stuffing some more to tuck the edges.

The result is smoooth and taunt. But, not too taunt. I tested to make sure as I stuck tacks in it the material did not give.

Here is the finished project. The shot is not close because I'm going to have a whole post of the function of this board. I added a little stool so the kids can access the board easily.

Now to the other side of the room. The brown laminate cabinets are not centered on the washer and dryer. The dryer was pushed up against the window. Half of the heating vent was blocked by the dryer. To stop air flow, someone taped cardboard to half of it. The little white cabinet had no function except to collect clutter. The whole deal was driving me nuts!

I took a peek inside the white cabinet and it was held by 2 screws to the wall! Yay! I can fix this! I moved the cabinet under the opposite folding counter. There is quite a gap, but I will deal with it when I fix up (and paint with PRIMER) those brown laminate cabinet.

Overall, the it feels so much better in the laundry nook off the mudroom! I can't wait to dive into painting, shelving and molding!


  1. Love the bulletin board...the fabric really dresses it up! Visiting from Dittle Dattle.

  2. That is super cute, and so organized!!~ I just did a memo board last week...I have not posted it yet, but it was fun. Thanks for joining in on the partay this week!!~ XO

  3. Who doesn't need a stylish memo board?!?! Great job :D

    PS I have learned my lesson too when it comes to primer!

  4. Yes! I'm sure doing the laundry is easier with a bit of elbow room! I'm jealous of your above-ground laundry room; our W&D is in in our unfinished basement.

  5. Very nice! I have also been thinking on updating my bulletin board. I really like the paper you chose!

  6. oops meant to say "fabric", not "paper".

  7. Love it, bulletin boards are the best! Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.