Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glowing Window Treatment

 I am drawn to colored glass and pick up any I see at thrift stores and garage sales. Mostly my collection consist of green glass. Anyone seen Return to Oz?

My collection also usually rests in a box gathering dust. I came across said box and thought about how I've went with green hues in my kitchen. Perfect opportunity. A little love for St. Patrick's Day too!

After a good bath, the glass was ready to display. I also added my green dish soap, a thing that reminded me of a ferris wheel, and Glad Hand (  that's what the antique store called it) to the display. Plus my green egg cup with a real eggshell housing the spider plantlet rooting.

It's difficult to get decent shots- for me anyway! As the sun sets, the whole kitchen is bathed in a cheery green light. It's such a bright spot in a dimly lit kitchen.

The cast offs

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  1. That is a good idea, but my windows open inward. Any other suggestions? Otherwise, super cute!

  2. Hi Nicole...I love colored glass too. I think your window display is very pretty.

  3. thanks for your comment on my thumbprint cards - i really appreciate it!

    i love colored glass too - i'm really into the aqua blue mason jars at the moment. your mention of return to oz cracked me up - i can remember being really freaked out at that movie as a child!!

  4. Nice! Did I read that right? Dishsoap? Great idea.

  5. This is so lovely!


  6. Your window display is lovely! Green is my favorite color, so I can only imagine how great it looks in the afternoon light. Thanks for sharing your collection.

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  9. Hi, I also love coloured glass but green in particular, mostly because of return to oz and all the green ornaments.. :-D Really like your window display.